It’s cold. The snow squeaks. I think it’s below zero, or close to it.

One of the puppies is sick. He keeps throwing up. I couldn’t figure out who was the sick dog for the longest time. He refused to barf while I was watching. I do have a vet appointment for tomorrow, but I just hope I can keep him comfortable for the night. Poor guy. Wish I could figure out how to help him.

Did I happen to mention that the cold water spigot on the shower stripped and won’t turn off? Yeah. Have to turn it off in the basement. Makes showering. . . interesting. The plumber doesn’t have a replacement part, so had to order a new faucet. Not cheap. Hopefully it gets installed tomorrow. I’d try to install it, but let’s face it, we don’t need a flood.

My Kindle stopped working today. Luckily it was on a warranty with Staples, and even luckier, they knew how to get it going again. So even though I couldn’t read anything on it in the doc office with the boy, at least I will be able to.

Tomorrow is the last day of the block. Then grading, packing, traveling. Maybe some sleep.

Also, Today I did interviews over at Literal Addiction and at The Quillery. Come on over and visit and maybe win books!

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