Enter the frazzling

Do you know how hard it is to get everything done for school, travel, cleaning, and children, while at the same time needing to finish reading a book? Sharon Shinn kills me! Oh but I love her books. Finally started reading Troubled Waters. Yum. You should definitely have a look. Loving it.

Okay, so yeah, finished grading and turned them in, cleaned bathrooms and other assorted places in the house, got laundry in the washer, still need to pack, which is dependent upon the clothes in the washer, and also I have to shower. But I think the house is clean. Also making some travel cds for the truck. Odd mix. But then, I’m odd.

I also had an epiphany on a section of the WIP that was giving me trouble. I’m very pleased about it. I realized some things which do a lot of work in the book. From character development, plot twisting, world building, and creating tension. Lovely.

I still have not had a chance to update the website with the initial chapters of Blood Winter. I plan to asap, hopefully before I leave, but the way things are going . . .

I need to ask you all to go and give me a shout out for my books on your places of social media, to your friends, at bookstores, and anywhere you can think of. I’d like to see this book do well and the best way is word of mouth. So please, whatever you can do, I would be grateful. I still haven’t heard of any sightings yet. That surprises me. Usually people start seeing books in advance of the release date. Also, reviews on Amazon and BN would be awesome. Even bad ones. (has a small moment of hyperventilation that you might not like the book). But it really helps with the way that these online venues promote a book to readers, so if you can, I’d love you.

And there, that’s it. All begging over. Whew.

Now to go fold clothes and pack the suitcase. Let’s hope the dog doesn’t vomit on the way out there.


  • Adrianne

    I won a copy of Blood Winter on Goodreads!!! I’m so happy!!! I race out to ask the mailman if he’s got it every morning, but so far he hasn’t.

    I promise I’ll review it on all the usual sites. Reviews are a critical part of how I choose books these days, so I’m keenly aware of how important they are.

  • Douglas Meeks

    Did I miss something? I am getting comments on my reviews of Blood Winter that it is the last book and they said they read it here???? Tell me its not true..


    • Di Francis

      Yep. Sadly the sales aren’t high enough for Pocket to want to keep it going. That’s why I really worked hard to wrap things up properly in Blood Winter. I could do more independently, and I may if the stories arise.

      • Anna

        Aw! Is it possible Pocket would change their mind if the last book does really well? I hope so!

        By the way, my pre-ordered book is preparing to ship. Yay! So far, I’ve written reviews for two of the three books. (Nothing lower than 4 stars. Shadow City earned 5!)

        I wish you the best of luck! I buy self-pubbed books too. Just saying.

  • Leslie

    We picked up a copy at Barnes and Noble on Tuesday night – I was really surprised when my husband brought it to me, because I didn’t think it was out yet. Anyway, looking forward to reading it!

    I noticed one of my friends just marked Bitter Night as to read on Goodreads, so hopefully she will be a new convert. 🙂

  • Di Francis


    It’s always’ possible. And hope springs eternal, and I’m not against doing it myself or going with a small publisher. If the story inspiration hits, I’m going with it.

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