Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays!

For those who celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a fabulous day of warmth, light, love, and family. For those who don’t celebrate, I hope you had the same. For those in the tornado zone, I hope you came through unscathed and I hope that you are safe.

We had a lovely low key day with the family together, including a good friend, a presents-paper blizzard, happy kids, weirded out dogs who got this roly poly toy that pops (or poops) out kibbles when it rolls. Well, they are fascinated with the kibble, but terrified of the toy. So not sure that that was successful or not. We will be eating soon and then watching a movie. Is it weird to watch Paranorman on Christmas? Well, it’s going to happen anyhow, strange or not.

Tomorrow is release day for Blood Winter. I hope it does well! I’m thinking of going out and signing some stock. But we’ll see. I want to go to Portland to see the zoo lights, and I want to go see The Hobbit and Les Miz, so I’m just not sure what will actually happen. It’s entirely possible I’ll do nothing at all. Or rather, read books and maybe do some writing. Because, well, I can! It’s vacation. Thinking more about the bunion surgery. The bunion things I’ve been using haven’t been helping yet as much as I’d like.

Tell me about your day and your plans for this week. Have you got plans for New Years?

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  • Adrianne

    My ARC of Blood Winter came Christmas eve. I had hoped to have a review up for you by publication day, but I see you’ve beat me to the punch. It’s next in line, and I’ll try and get a review up for you before New Years.

    Plans? Sadly I’m working on a funeral, so we’re doing a lot of taking care of ourselves in the mean time.

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