The events of a day

First, I want to mention that I’m over at The Reading Cafe with a pretty cool interview (well the questions are cool. It’s up to you whether the answers were scintillating.)

Two interviews on Amazon! Am I counting? Maybe a little. Neurotic author is, well, neurotic. I want more!!!! Ok, breathe. Breathe.

Today we had a bit of adventure. Well, let’s start with last night where we got the Roku 2 to work and that was exciting. It’s always amazing when the tech works as advertised. Watched Mirror, Mirror, which was silly, but I enjoyed thoroughly all the same. I loved the giant dwarves on stilts, and well, Sean Bean showed up in the end. *swoon*

We went for a walk today out in Minto State Park. That’s the one where last summer my kids and I accidentally took a 5 mile walk because we had never been there before and didn’t know the trails at all. Now we know at least some. This time, we went much shorter. Tried to find a couple of Geocaches, but no luck. Then we went to the area where you can let dogs run off leashes. The boys were excited to meet some other doggies, and everything was going well until . . .

Let me preface the rest by saying that my daughter got an umbrella in her stocking this year. She’s had it with her pretty much every second since. In the house, or out. Today she was using it as a parasol. Well, out in the dog bark, we met a big, giant lab. She was sweet, right up to the point she grabbed the umbrella and took off running. She kept playing keep away with it from her person, and then stopped and started shredding it like a hyena with a dead wildebeast. Girlie was devastated. Full of woe. We ended up heading out to Target to get a replacement, so all is better, but it was damned funny watching that dog rip up the umbrella. She thought it was her own special toy.

And I’ve been doing some updating on the website. Got a lot of things up-to-date. Speaking of which, are there things you want to see on the website you don’t see? Things you want me to blog about? Anything?

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