Coolest thing EVER!

We went for a drive to Tillamook today. We planned to go to Astoria and to the beaches up around there, but it started raining, despite Often Wrong’s declaration that it would not. So we headed back south to Lincoln City where it had stopped raining and was lovely on the beach. No wind, amazing waves, and sun-gilded clouds. I let the dogs off the leash for a bit and they raced, and then I caught them again. The kids were trailing behind doing kid things in the sand, and I turned around to see where girlie was. I saw this ball rolling past her and asked her if she was playing with it and where did she get it. About that time I had an inkling that maybe, just maybe, it was wasn’t a ball but a float.

It was!!! In Lincoln City, they put out blown glass floats on the beaches throughout the season for people to find. And we found one!!! It’s signed and numbered and dated 2013. If you follow that link, you’ll see some examples. I’ll have to take a picture of ours and post it. It’s splotched green, purple, and cobalt blue. It’s so lovely.

WE FOUND TREASURE TODAY!!!! How cool is that?

How about you? What did you do today?


  • L.S. Taylor

    My husband, first sister and I ventured south to the land of Mericka, where I acquired Products Not Available At Home, Products Way Too Expensive At Home, and also activated my Postal Box To Avoid Ridiculous Customs Fees and Shipping Rates. It was a productive day.

      • L.S. Taylor

        Shipping anything across the border. DH and I do it enough that we always get dinged by customs. Which adds another $20 on the order. Plus the shipping itself is always a pain. (This time was stuff from ThinkGeek, like my shotglass ice cube trays, two more charms for my geek charm bracelet, and a few T-shirts.)

        I buy a lot of gluten free products down there. And though we’re carnivores, I love Morningstar Farms Breakfast Links (vegetarian sausages). Also, a lot of foods and toiletries are way less expensive down there.

        Also, I’m finally able to rejoin the Science Fiction Book Club. The Canadian arm went out of business a few years ago, and the US club refuses to ship to Canada.

    • Di Francis

      I can’t reply to your reply. How odd. So does this mean you have to come and check your box periodically?

      I let my SFBC membership go awhile ago. Not that it’s hard to get back. Wonder why I did that? I love the way they make omnibus editions out of trilogies and series.

      I had no idea that we were actually cheaper on things down here. Wow.

  • Jennifer H-K

    That is awesome! I know of so many people who go out hoping to find one of them. Lots of the Geocachers get into the search. Lincoln City has some pretty beaches nearby, I stayed there last January and loved wandering along the coast.

    • Di Francis

      We went to Road’s End beach. It’s easy to get to and the dogs like to run on it. We’ve already done the caches along there, too. I couldn’t believe we found one either.

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