I drove the whole shebang yesterday. I never plan to. I never plan not to. I just wait to see how things will be and how I will feel. So now I’m really tired. And sore. I need to get to the grocery store soon and build a fire. It’s cold. A lot colder than Oregon. Duh. How’s that for stating the obvious? Got to get some stuff put away and then maybe get some writing done or reading or both. Maybe even exercise. I promised myself I would try to keep up on the exercise a bit better.

So we have to make some book club decisions. I think tomorrow I’ll make a post for nominations for books and we’ll go from there. So be thinking. And I’ll make up some rules on the fly. I have to explore Goodreads for discussions. I don’t know if people would prefer a forum type thing or a chat type thing or both. With a forum, more people could participate on their own time schedule. Chat always is more spontaneous.

It snowed through most of the Columbia River Gorge. It was beautiful. But even more beautiful was all the frozen waterfalls and little drips and such along the cliffs and rock walls. Beautiful. I wish I could have pulled over and taken pictures. But stopping in the gorge is not generally a good idea.

Also, it is white here. And cold. Did I mention that? Sigh. I’m not fixated or anything.

On the way home, I listened to some of the music from the Les Miz movie. I thought it was pretty good. I really want to see the film. One very weird thing was Russell Crowe’s singing. Not that it was bad, though I’ve heard better Javerts. It’s just that it didn’t sound like him at all. So I really want to put the voice with the man as it’s happening. Anne Hathaway’s voice was stunning. Who knew she could sing like that? I thought Marius’ voice was beautiful. I noticed they changed some of the lyrics here and there, and it seemed that they added a song also.

Some of the scenes lacked the passion of the stage versions. I wondered if that was because stage is so different from movies. I bet it fits the filmed version quite well. So in a nutshell, my feeling is that I really need to see the movie.

I still haven’t seen The Hobbit. It may have to wait til it’s out on video sadly. At least I have a big screen TV.

Anybody got some exciting Sunday plans? Watching playoffs? Other?

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