Aaaand back to MT we go

Tomorrow we head back to MT. Should decent roads. Whether I’ll have to pull over and sleep is in question. I bought some Starbucks refreshers to see if they’ll help. Never had them before. And of course, don’t drink coffee. Do drink tea, but I doubt I’ll manage to get any in the a.m. Chai, maybe. But it’s not full of caffeine. I do have some dark chocolate though . . .

I’ve cleaned a bunch in preparation of leaving. Oh, and we got a couch from Costco today. Just couldn’t wait. It’s nice. Sort of a sectional that curves around into sort of a half moon. Really only one piece can change and move, but it has two recliners in the ends and room enough for the whole fam, including the space-hogging corgis. They have made it clear that they approve. I can tell you already it’s far more comfortable for my back, and no doubt for the man’s. He’s been having issues with all over body soreness, and this will surely help. (We’ve been using a futon couch and it’s just not comfortable. I don’t know that anyone should sit on it.)

I have not fully packed. Doing some kid laundry, and then tomorrow will have to gather the last minute stuff. But mostly we’re prepped. Not sure if we’re going the whole way in one day or staying the night somewhere. I often go the whole way because I’m stupid and I hit a point where I’m so close (within 3 or 4 hours) that I think, what’s the point? But if I get tired, I’ll have to check us in somewhere.

Still hoping for more reviews on Websites. Honest is all that is required. Thanks to all who’ve posted them already.

If you might be interested in a book club, see my post on it and tell me what you think.

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  • Douglas Meeks

    “I bought some Starbucks refreshers” – don’t want to ruin your day but I got my first (and last) one the other day and it was pretty vile but I also can’t really do coffee so in a pinch it might do, 5 Hour Energy might be better. Forget the flavor I got it was like raspberry-pomegranate or something 🙂

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