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Okay, we’re going to do a book club. There are enough of us interested and anybody can join at any time. I’ve never ever done this before. I’m thinking that it would be great if we can find a place to do an online chat together. I think Google + allows for something like that. Though I was thinking less video and more typing it out.

Anyhow, I’ve never done a book group before. I’m thinking we make a decision on what to read, perhaps take nominations for a week and then vote? Or Maybe do a random drawing? That way everybody’s books get chosen eventually. And of course, anyone can really lobby for a book and we can throw out our normal procedures.

We can set a date each month for next month, or we can just schedule them all now.

Do you have other ideas about how to run this? Where to have our discussion?

I’d like to do our first discussion at the beginning of February, so we’d have to get moving quickly.

ETA: Okay, so Douglas has raised an important issue. What genres will we be reading? Fantasy? UF? PNR? traditional fantasy? SF? Others? I think personally I’d like an element of the sf/f in whatever we read, but I’m pretty open to mystery, sf, horrorish sorts of things, romance, and so on. What do you think?


  • Douglas Meeks

    Well since I am never short of an opinion I would recommend this for anyone who has not read it, possibly the very best PNR (although its is a Fantasy/PNR mix) standalone novel I ever read. Take a look and talk about it. It is not new so many may have already read it:

      • Douglas Meeks

        I don’t use that “best ever” randomly, it really is that good 🙂 The fact that the main couple, really don’t even like each other for a good portion of the book makes it that much more interesting. The only bad thing I guess is that Ms Draven set the bar so high with this book she has never been able to come close to it again or at least not yet.

  • Soo

    Woo! I’m in. You could create the group on Goodreads. It has a built in system to make a book club forum, etc. Then make plans to set up online chats via Google+. I haven’t used Google hangout yet, but I hear it’s pretty easy to do.

    • Douglas Meeks

      The Goodreads thing sounds good and most readers have accounts already (and any who don’t really need to get one 🙂

  • Adrianne

    Can anybody join your book club? I’m always looking for more good reads, and I’ve had the best luck by reading what favorite authors recommend. My favorite genres are fantasy, urban fantasy, and fantasy romance. I will happily devour SF and I can be found reading James Rollins and his ilk of thrillers.

    Master of Crows looks like exactly the kind of thing I’d enjoy.

      • Adrianne

        It sounds like fun! I’m in!

        Have a good drive. Say hi to the mountains for me. I spent many happy days as a kid horse back riding and fishing along the MT/ID border.

  • Cameron

    Count me in if you’ll have me! I’m starved for a good book club The best luck I’ve had with book clubs has been through Yahoo Groups and Goodreads’ group features. A live chat would be neat too, but a small forum-like setting to set reminders and have discussions out of the chat would be fantastic.

  • Leslie

    As far as genres, I read all kinds of things. My favorite is fantasy of all kinds, but I’ll also read science fiction, mysteries, romance, etc.

    I haven’t really done much in terms of online groups, but I am on Goodreads and Google+ or am game to try whatever format seems like it would work.

    This will be fun!

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