Book Club

All right. Here’s the initial book club call for book nominations. Suggest a book you might like to read for the club–something you haven’t already read, preferably. On Thursday, the 9th, we’ll list out the options and take a vote.

The book has to be available to people. In other words, it has to be something available to people, and preferably not hardcover, or if it is in hardcover, make it known in the nomination. We don’t want the cost of books to murderous. I know people might borrow from libraries, but they might not be able to do so.

The only requirement is that the book has some fantasy element. Any kind of fantasy. So romance, paranormal, epic, horror, historical, steampunk, you name it.

When posting your book suggestion, include information about it or a link where people can find more.

We’ll plan on having our first book session February 2nd. My plan is to do it online here on my blog, and also do a chat maybe later in the week. That way people can participate in asynchronous discussion and later a synchronous one.

So put all nominations in this post. For those of you reading this on my lj, can you come on over to the regular blog for this? I ask because LJ has been stalling out a LOT lately, and I want to make sure all voices get heard.


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