I don’t know what happened to me this morning. I passed out after I sent the kids to school and slept for three hours. Three. Hours. WTF?  I then managed to get some laundry done and cleaned the fish tank (wow, was that a mess). Also had to clean out the pump–tear it apart and clean each piece, and then put it back together. So now the fish are happy. Unless a clean tank makes them die. Really hard to predict.

I also got some writing done today. I even think I like it. What’s funny is that I’m working on a proposal for this new book. Usually a proposal involves about 50 pages from the beginning of the book to give the editor a sense of tone/characters/plot/world and so on, plus a synopsis. Well, I’ve got 90 pages and I’m guessing by the time I’m ready to send the proposal, there will be a good 120 or so, plus the proposal. Why am I doing that? I feel like I need to introduce all the major characters and one of them hasn’t arrived on the scene yet. That’s about to happen. She’s a pretty key character to not only understanding the world, but also the plot and some of the other characters. Something tells me that this next chapter is necessary to selling the book, and that it can’t come earlier.

What worries me is that this is going to be a fat fantasy. Trouble is publishers aren’t all that excited anymore at fat fantasies. I just hope they fall in love with mine. I’m hoping to get it finished and ready to send off in a couple of weeks. Then I’ll move on to working on my other WIP proposal.

In other weird news, I had this dream last night where I lived in a place that needed remodeling and at the same time there were spiders and scorpions everywhere. Big black spiders like Black Widows but bigger with fat bellies. They would always be paired with a big scorpion for whatever reason. Which means the kids couldn’t play outside. And on top of that (you’d think that would be the most bothersome thing), nobody would pay any attention to me. No one was talking to me and it was like I was invisible, but not quite. Very frustrating. I have no idea what this dream might mean, if anything.

I’ve got a post up on Magical Words about characters and The Next Great Baker. Don’t worry, it does make sense.

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