Whatta day

I slept a lot today. I’m trying to figure out if I’m sleeping because I need it, or if it’s because I’m getting hit with the blues. I hesitate to call it depression, or to really name it at all at this point. The reason for that is that this week is bad, next week may be better. It may be SAD. I did get outside today and that seemed to help. I just have to make a very concerted effort to exercise, get outside, eat healthy, and take my vitamins and see what effect that has. And yes, I am definitely down. The fact that the house isn’t selling is incredibly discouraging and I get very worried about what happens in six months and where I’ll be. But one day at a time, I suppose.

The other thing that’s knocking on me is taxes. Usually this is something I do with my husband and this year it’s all on me. Not the actual doing of. That all goes to our fabulous accountant. No, this is just the gathering of materials and I’m terrified (literally), that I will somehow totally fuck it up. This is not contributing to my sense of well being.

In other news, a woman I went to grade school with was on CSI: NY tonight!!! She’s not an actress, but she does a lot of photography for the Lieutenant Dan Band. It’s pretty damned cool. And she wrote this very cool book.

I also wondered today about pornographic dog pictures. Specifically, dogs who roll on their backs and show all of their privates are not actually committing pornography, but humans in the same situation are. Also, dogs are much cuter in such positions and cause reactions like “aw, how sweet,” where as humans in the same positions cause other reactions from “oh baby,” to “Ew.” I wonder why that is. Is this secret animal privilege? Hmmm.

Yes, I am feeling a little bit silly tonight. Why do you ask? I think I need to bake some bread. I haven’t done it in a really long time and it’s past due. Maybe something with rosemary and garlic . . .

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