Dead Roman Emperors and life

It was Roman day at boy’s school today and he was assigned a famous Roman to dress up as. He wore a toga and gold laurel head piece and this ornament pin we made him. So that was exciting. Oh, you want to know who he dressed up as? Hmmm. Well, since you asked . . . The answer is:


Yes, my son went to school as Caligula.

In other news, I had a most brilliantly wonderful idea for the first scene in the new WIP. I’m so excited. It’s perfect. It involves SPIDERS!!!!

Tonight I go to family movie night at girl’s school. Apparently the movie is Wreck It Ralph. Kids are excited. Dogs are less so, since they don’t get to go.

Next week is Norwescon and I get to see the man and he will come home for a week and I’m delirious about it.

Also, been teaching literary theory. My students left today saying how much they love Spivak’s “Can the Subaltern Speak?” This made me wonder–am I doing it right or wrong?

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