I am still feeling awful, so I can’t do a full con report at this point.

We made the trip and spent the night at S.A. Bolich’s house in Spokane. The next day we got to the hotel later than planned. I had to park on the side of the road for a bit to sleep. Lucky for me my kids and the doggies were patient. We got there near about the time the Man did, which was lovely. We got me registered at the con and figured out where my reading that night would be, and then had dinner.

My reading was Thursday night and I think I read too fast. I need to practice more. I did have a good audience, which included a bunch of friends from Miscon and beyond, and that was delightful.

I think that’s about all I can tolerate tonight. Did I mention that a ton of flowers and trees were in bloom, grass was green, and the sun was lovely. No rain. I didn’t get to go away to eat very much, sadly. I always like to get good food traveling. But then again, given how sick I am right now, food sounds not so good.

More later.

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