My local IGA makes bacon sausage. I mean, BACON SAUSAGE!!

Got my taxes paid, but not filed. Well, the extension was filed. We’re still waiting for one finalized document. I hate having them not quite done, but at least they are paid. My bank account was feeling so bloated and now it’s feeling svelte/slender (or maybe anorexic). Sigh.

Oh look, there’s going to be snow showers tonight. How lovely. (not).

I’m highly amused by the class I’m teaching. Because we build a webzine, there’s a lot of room for silliness and play, and this group is really fun. I needed that today.

My dogs forced me to nap today. I tried to resist, but I can’t resist their mighty sleepy powers.


  • Douglas Meeks

    My dog also forces me to take a nap occasionally, amazing power to have. Just for the record, bacon sausage must be a controlled substance, no way they would let that out to the general populace.

  • Di Francis

    I’m going to get the secret of the bacon sausage and use it to take over the world. Along with dog sleepy powers. I will rule the universe with dogs and bacon sausage!

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