Well hell

I got both very good news and very bad news today. The good news I can share. That’s that the man got offered a slot on day shift. We’ve been hoping for this and we are extremely happy, even though it means a pay cut (he won’t get shift differential). It’s better for him in terms of his mental health and better for us in terms of family life and it’s so very very nice. We weren’t sure he’d ever get on days, and it’s happened before he’s been there a full year.

The bad news is also family related, and all I can say that I have a young relative who appears to have gotten hooked on drugs and it’s quickly led him into very serious trouble. I’m scared for him and his family and I hope to hell that they find passage through these dangerous waters.

In the meantime, my students are working on Twisted Ink, which is now taking submissions, if you know of anyone who wants to submit, or might be interested yourself. The site is being constructed and already we see some serious progress. Anybody can submit, so please spread the word if you will.

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