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Oh man, the older bomber had a wife and 3 year old daughter. That poor family. I hope some answers come out, but I can’t imagine they will ever really make sense or satisfy.

Boy is still throwing up. Day three. I did get real food into him tonight and so far he’s kept it down. I’m catching some sort of headcold though. Blah. Like I needed that.

Seems like the Boston story has eaten up the week. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t accomplished much this week. I have done little on my writing and ended up taking care of boy and sleeping way too much. Think that’s part of the cold. Tomorrow is a long soccer day. I hope boy is feeling up to playing. Girlie’s game is at stupid early. Blech. Gotta be there at 8 a.m.

Damn, boy just threw up again. Gotta go.

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  • Douglas Meeks

    I remember those days, Sprite, Gatorade and Pedialyte were staples at the house for a long time.

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