This may sound odd

Today is another day I’m not dying of cancer.

Does that sound odd? I have friends who are younger than I am or same age (I’m 45) who either are managing cancer or have become incurable. Chances are, even managing it, they are still slowly dying of cancer. I am not.

I get sad about being apart from the man and I understand that I’m entitled to those feelings, but at the same time, I have time. I am not looking down the barrel of imminent death. I am not struggling to hold onto things that I love. I need to remember that more and embrace my friends and family and the lovely weather and my body that is getting more healthy every day as I lose weight and can do things with it. I need to embrace the wonderful moments. I need to learn from the suffering and struggles of my friends and embrace what I have and not squander the days.

So I’m off to not squander the day, which is lovely.

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