in search of a project

I need to start a new crochet project. I don’t know what I want it to be. Something relatively easy, but something I can learn to do new. I’m sure I have things in my books or online, but that seems like a lot of work. And I’m feeling lazy. Actually I’m feeling rotten. Semi-rotten. Think it’s sinuses. A massive windstorm has moved in and it’s playing havoc with me. That and I woke up to the stench of dog poop. Turns out Viggo pooped twice in my office. Didn’t look like diarrhea, so not sure what that was. I didn’t hear him telling me he wanted out and frankly, I didn’t sleep well, so I think I would have heard. Was he sick? Was he making a statement? Hell if I know. Meanwhile Voodoo is freaked out by the wind. Keeps wanting to crawl into my lap and under my feet and anywhere else he can hide.

So if you crochet, anybody got any good ideas for something to do?


  • Douglas Meeks

    My wife does afghans to relief stress (and they make nice Christmas gifts) I am not sure how much skill the simple ones require but I know they have all kinds of books on them and free instructions on the web. You are in a much colder climate than I am so it sounds like a WIN-WIN to me 🙂

  • Di Francis

    I actually do a fair number of afghans. I wouldn’t mind again (though I’d have to get yarn), but I wanted to learn a different stitch. Afghans are very nice because I don’t have to focus a lot on the stitches once I get going. And I don’t have to count.

  • Paula Porter

    My sister crochets cute little teddy bears while she’s on duty as a dispatcher for the Iowa Highway Patrol. She gives them to the troopers and they give them to kids who have been in car accidents or other situations. They are only about 8 inches and she stitches the head, body, legs and arms together after crocheting them separately.

    • Di Francis

      I do a lot of afghans. But come to think of it, I do have one that’s only about half done. It’s huge and I work on it periodically between other projects. So I could do that . . .

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