clean house discoveries

A number of years ago when I bought my first macbook, I got a free iPod Touch. I haven’t used it a bunch, but I did buy this little radio-dock to set it in. That was also a few years ago. Today, I figured out how to dock it and use it. *cue angels singing* The directions had told me to take off the case and set it in a little adapter tray . . . So I never did it. Seemed too much like work. Or maybe could be more like me being a technophobe. Today I used no little adapter tray (The three of which I had not lost in all that time–cue angels again). I just plugged it in and then I had to turn off the little speaker alarm noise, but now I have music, which makes the iPod a lot more useful than it was. .

Why did I need music? Well, for one thing, I needed to clean the bathrooms. Music is necessary for such occasions. But also someone is coming to look at the house tomorrow, so we needed house cleaning music. Plus the kids had to do all the yardwork of scooping dog poop and mowing among some other things. So there you have it. A clean house. Oh, and a clean fish tank. Poor fish. It had been forever since I cleaned it and so now they are happier. The filter is working right again and I changed out the bubble thing, which had become clogged.

I also brushed the dogs. How is it possible that one brother can shed a full dog every week, but the other barely loses any hair? Is he saving up so once the other one is done, he can suddenly turn into a dandelion?

But this mean that my housework for the week is pretty much done. I might go get some flowers and put them in. But certainly I will be writing as much as possible. I have a ton of other stuff to get done this week, too. But at least the house is clean, though looking around I keep seeing little places that need a bit more dusting or cleaning or whatever. Gah.

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