Because it’s cold and I refuse to turn the heater on in May, May 19th for criminy’s sake, I started a fire in the woodstove.

Because I haven’t actually left town in seven weeks, and I haven’t seen a good friend in I don’t know how long, I went to Butte today and ran some errands and had lunch with said friend.

Because the dogs are dropping hair like a billion dandelions, I vacuumed the house after the kids went to bed. Well, the lower half. Tomorrow will be the upper half.

Because I forgot to run the dishes and the sink is overflowing, I not only ran the dishwasher, but did a slew of handwashing.

Because it rained for the last three days, I haven’t planted the flowers I bought yet. But things are getting green.

Because I went to Butte today, I saw 5 golden eagles. Huge freaking birds and so lovely.

Because I went to Butte with my son, he talked nonstop for about 2 hours before he got tired. I mean nonstop. NON. STOP.

Because I went into Walmart for some protein powder (which I did not find–why do they put so much crap in it? going to the Health Food Store tomorrow. It wasn’t open today) my son forced me to watch a knife demonstration in order to get a free paring knife.

Because I watched said knife demonstration, I bought knives. I’m a sucker.

What did you do this weekend?

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  • Tine

    Because I have been on a Deborah Geary kick, I have decided to try making Nutella Cookies.

    I am mid way through the baking process. The first batch that I made taste just like a chocolate cookie, no hint of hazelnut. The second batch, I added a dollop of nutella to the cookies. I haven’t tried any yet, but, there had better be a hint of hazelnut to those.

    My baker’s instinct is telling me that if you really want a nutella cookie following the recipe found on the website – make your favourite chocolate cookie recipe and use the nutella as a frosting on top.

    If I ever do these again, I might try substituting the 1 stick of butter with nutella and see what that is like.

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