Crystal digging

The man and I took a packing break today and went digging for crystals at Crystal Park. It was not crowded. I’m guessing that might have had something to do with the fact that it was snowing when we got there. It was very wet digging, which made figuring out if we were finding crystals or pebbles rather difficult. We did find a bunch, though. And so that was very nice. We came home cold, though. Go figure. It was fun. It was nice to spend time by ourselves.

The house is an absolute mess. Bwahahahaha!  After 2 years of keeping it clean, it’s a mess! Okay, a packing mess, but still.

I’m in quest of odd phrases today. I don’t know why. Just because. I remember hearing “turned up missing” a lot in the midwest. How is it possible to turn up missing? It seems to me, either one turns up or one is missing, but not both.

Having cake and eating it, too, always confused me, until Laura Anne Gilman explained that the eating came first, so therefore you can’t have cake after you’ve eaten it.

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