I’m grumpy

I have no idea why I’m grumpy, except packing and stress from that. It’s annoying being grumpy. Boy and girl are being clingy. I get that. But it’s driving me nuts. And then the dogs are upset. One peed in the boy’s room as protest for clinging to hard to me, I think. Who knows?  I’ve been packing. I need to get out and go walking.

C.E. Murphy posted a three part essay from Judith Tarr on the industry. It’s really good. You should read it.

Mary Robinette Kowal has a response to what’s been happening with the SFWA recently. It’s very good, as are many of the comments.

Been teaching the kids to use knives in the kitchen. No blood has happened. Also have been teaching them other cooking things. They already know a fair bit, but this seemed like a good idea. They are loving it.

Also, fuck cancer.

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