Packity pack pack pack

My life is not exciting right now. It involves boxes and carrying heavy things, sorting, taping, and cutting my fingers. I did manage to help girlie get some of her stuff into boxes today. That was a step. Boy has been doing his own. I’m trying to sell of furniture I don’t want and managed to get rid of some things today, which means I may take the kidlets to see a movie this week. Epic is playing in town. I did neglect to comb doggies today. I really need to get on that.

You know what sucks about packing, besides trying to figure out what to keep? The part where you have to put it all away and find places to do that.

In the meantime, no word on outstanding projects and I’m getting antsy. Antsy I tell you! Batshit crazy is just around the corner. Wigging out.

I hate it when the voices on the TV aren’t synced. Really obnoxious.

Boy is nagging me to play Cataan. I’ve never played, but am not against it. I just am tired and not in the mood to figure it out. But I will. Really. Maybe even tomorrow. Anybody play it before?

Doggies think it’s bedtime. They are probably right. I had better turn in so I can get back to cutting my fingers, sorting, carrying, boxing, taping. Hope I don’t run out of tape. Don’t want to go to the store.

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