Jiggety Jig

We made the trip to Oregon and back in four days, plus unloaded the cargo trailer and did the Jayfest signing at Powells. Whew. I’m a little tired and yet have to get right back to work. The good news is that it looks like things are settled on the house. We close in about four weeks. Wish it was sooner. I have a bruise on the tip of my big toe. I hurt it in the moving and ow. Who gets a bruise there? Course I have a bunch of other bruises, but they are at least in reasonable places.  I also made three pairs of fingerless gloves on the to and fro trips, plus part of another. I would have gotten further with it, but I dropped my crochet hook and we didn’t stop again for hours so I could retrieve it. Probably okay, since my wrists were getting a little bit sore.

I’m a little daunted by all the stuff that has to find a place in the new house. How are we going to fit it all in? Where did all that stuff come from? Okay, a little daunted is an understatement. Freaking terrified is closer to it. But it has to be done. At least most of the bedroom furniture is in place where it’s supposed to be and so we can find clothes and a place to sleep. We don’t have much left to take out of the old place, but there is some, and then there’s the cleaning, which means getting rid of a bunch of junk.

And then there’s a whole bunch of errands and friends to see. It’s not that we won’t be back, but you know how it it. I’m actually feeling kind of sad about the whole thing, which shouldn’t surprise me, but it does a little.

I also had a bit of a breakthrough on the plot for the book I’m working on. I am definitely happy about that. And now, to go be constructive. Or maybe it’s more destructive.

Oh! And the prettiest dogwood tree grows in our yard and also artichokes do grow well in Oregon so I can grow them!!!

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