Today I did some more packing and cleaning, despite being exhausted. funny how the last week has taken it out of me. The man and kids did some as well, and fetched a dump trailer to take some stuff to the dump. That will be nice. So essentially we have five days to get a whole lot done, but at least I made some progress today.

But that isn’t what I’m musing about. I wanted to go to Westercon this year. It’s near my parents’ house and I’ve never been to a con in my hometown area. I sent a couple of emails but never got any sort of response. So I won’t be going. Yes, I could just go, but for business reasons, I need to go as a pro and be on paneling.  So I’m a little bit sad about that, but then again, the house will be closing near to that time, so maybe it is better this way.

My roses here are blooming. I’m very pleased. I thought I’d miss them.



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