The Day That Was

Well, I fell. I was up on a step stool and I went to step to the next step down and missed and hit the floor instead. Landed on my shoulder, whacked my head on a cabinet and banged my leg up. Impressive, no? I fell probably 2.5-3 feet.  My head hurts. Waiting for the bruises to show up.

Turns out the Great Lakes are evaporating faster than precipitation can fill them (and there is less precipitation). Global warming, anyone? I guess the lakes are warmer than historical temps and growing warmer every year. Hence the evaporation.

Made this really delightful french toast bake this morning. The family voted it very yummy.

Did I mention my head hurts?

I still have so much to do. Anybody want to help me come pack and clean?

One Comment

  • marcia s.

    Hi I would but in the middle of my own packing and moving to our new home we just bought. Hope you feel better

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