No aliens here

No aliens came and blew up Salem during the fourth. It was a good day and good to be together as a family.

We took an enormous load of cardboard to the recycler today. it was nice to clear space to unpack more, and also nice to not throw it in a dump somewhere. I read this article today on clutter and the brain and giving things up. I saw myself in this article. It is painful to give stuff up that might still be good or I paid for and clearly made a mistake buying, but want to keep. It’s why I moved more stuff than I should have (even though I got rid of a ton–selling and donating). In putting stuff away in the kitchen, I realized that I had a lot of stuff that needed to go.

In an effort to make that easier on myself, I decided to search out a women’s shelter to donate to. I want to donate not only to those in need, but also to women, and I like the idea that the things don’t have to be sold, but can be put to immediate use. Though selling them would be a good way to raise money for the shelter too. I found two that might be good, but I have to call and see if how I can go about it. I’ll have to find the drop off point. It’s not like I can go to the shelter. I don’t want to know where it is.  That’s the whole point, after all. It’s a secret place.

Anyhow, I won’t be able to get my office together for some time, and I can tell I’m stressing about the dirtiness and clutter. It’s hard to clean a house in the middle of moving. At least the kitchen is functional. So much to get sorted out and put away.

I have discovered my son is constitutionally unable to stop talking, unless asleep. If you find yourself running out of words, it’s because he’s sucked them all up in some sort of cosmic word well and is spending them all for you. Sorry.

Tomorrow is a busy day. Much picking up and carrying. Blecho. Tired of that.


  • Leslie

    Thanks for sharing that article on clutter. I’m in the middle of a huge uncluttering project (which unfortunately – or perhaps fortunately – has a deadline). I’m mentally and emotionally exhausted from going through things and attempting to let go. It’s amazing how difficult it is to part with things I haven’t even seen for years, let alone used. It’s nice to know science backs up my pain. 🙂

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