one day more

I got so sick yesterday. Nausea and other intestinal distress, plus a headache. Today a bit of headache and blurry vision. I’m trying to decide if this is a) a stress reaction to all that’s been going on, b) a reaction to increasing the dosage of one of my meds–the doc told me to, c) I’m actually sick. I may never know. I’m under orders by the man and my mom to take it easier and not push so hard to get the house all unpacked and straightened up. Take my time, is the mandate. I shall try. Though it really is stressful living where you can’t really clean and can’t really straighten up.

I got stuck with the man in traffic yesterday and today when going over the bridge into our side of Salem. Not particularly typical, and not a lot of fun. However, it was nice to have some time alone with the man sans kids to just talk. And laugh. I was looking around at other cars and thinking wouldn’t it be awful if you were having a fight or breaking up with someone and stuck in traffic together? That’s a story in the making right there.

I still can’t call out on my landline. Dish network. I can receive, but not call out. Frustrating. I’m hoping for a fix tomorrow.

This weekend we will try to find me a desk for m office. I have been using a dining table from when I was a kid for ages. It is too big for the new office. I’m looking at craigslist, consignment shops, and antique stores. Still haven’t found what I want. Also looking for shelves this weekend as the builtins are going to be way too freaking expensive. Yet I really really need to get my office set up and my books out so I have a space to work away from the kids. Look. I believe I’m stressing again. Stopping that again.

My new bedroom has this lovely nook where I plan to put a chair. It has a great view and two windows for light. Lovely place to read. I just need to get a chair to put in there. The dog loves lying on the end the bed so he can see out both windows at once.

It’s been decently cool at night, enough to make it so I don’t need to use AC during the day. Just close the house up in the a.m. and open windows at night.

And now must go to bed.



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