I found shoes

I found my shoes today. It was an exciting moment. I also unpacked some more boxes, and yet there are always more. More more more.

We are trying to decide whether or not to a) get updated phones, b) if we do, should we get local numbers? Now this last comes up on account of the fact that the phones are in my name. To get the discount with the man’s work, they have to be in his name. To do so, we have to call some number and go through some rigamarole, and then go back into the shop to do the discounting. If we simply stop service and restart under a new contract, then we have to change numbers, because apparently you can’t port your number to your same carrier. You have to change. Right now I have Verizon, and the only reason to stay at this point is because of the discount. But I’ll be honest, thinking of another carrier.

These are the things that drive me nuts. It shouldn’t be so freaking hard. I went online to look at what they have to offer and it was impossible to find any real information. It was designed to be as discouraging as possible, from what I can tell. I couldn’t figure out a plan I might want, or anything. It’s like they deliberately hid the details, or pushed me toward what I don’t want. I don’t know. It should be simpler and easier.

Anybody superhappy or reasonably happy with their carriers and want to talk about them?

On the home phone, we can’t call out. Tech coming tomorrow. Also, a plumber.

In other news, found out about two sudden resignations from my ex-campus today. One in English, one in art. The faculty is not that large. And three inside a week? Wow. But I’m afraid it’s fairly typical of the campus. You’d think they’d try to fix that.


  • Douglas Meeks

    I can say with certainty that I would leave Verizon in a heartbeat if not for 1 thing. they actually DO have the best network, I have been many places where people with other carriers could not get service but I could. I have never been anywhere that Verizon users could not get service but another carrier could. I dislike the way they cripple some phones and apps but at the end of the day I want my phone to be a phone above all and for better or worse Verizon seems to have that wrapped up better than anyone else. Verizon also has a Samsung device that you can connect to your internet connection and it boosts your signal all throughout your home, since I live at the foot of a mountain in a spot that most other carriers have a dead spot Verizon was my only real choice and then it was only about 2 bars most days, with the device I get max bars all the time and if the internet dies I still get those 2 bars 🙂 The only exception to my recommendation would be if you travel internationally on a regular basis then my son who is in Kuwait tells me you want AT&T

  • Leslie

    I swear some of these companies deliberately make it as difficult as possible to find things on their websites. I’ve been dealing with Optimum for our internet and their website is horrible (although apparently they’re apparently now going to be Charter, even though their e-mail still comes from a bresnan.net address. Gah!). Good luck with your phones. We have Verizon, which I’ve really not had any problems with, but then we only have dumb phones, so I don’t know what kind of issues might arise with smart ones.

  • Tine

    I have a stupid phone and I have had Verizon for over a decade. I was working a couple of years ago with an eye doctor and we were at a clinic in the bottom of the building when my phone started ringing. He comes out and asks who my provider is. I was the only person who could get reception out of about six people who all had phones.

    It is in the very oddest of places that I do not get reception.

    Up until this year, it has been very easy to update the plan to include Canada, this year it is taking a couple of extra steps. However, I am now able to call Norway and I was unable to get a phone to call my husband when he was in Iraq. He had to get a phone in Iraq to call me.

    No one in my immediate family has a smart phone, so I cannot attest to how Verizon works with smart phones.

  • MaryW

    My husband’s business and nearly all of the family’s cell phones are use Verizon and most of them are “smart” android phones. My car is not equipped with a Nav system and the smart phone app has worked every time I needed it. Because I use Google Chrome and Gmail my address book and favorites were ported to the phone. My work email is also available.

    We do have one son with an Iphone but he is in the music industry,

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