Somewhat diminishing boxes

There are two reefs of boxes in the house. One is essentially books. It is quite large. I will have to cull. I did not dig deep enough before. The second is everything else. It is diminishing somewhat. Today I started pulling office boxes out of the pile. Tonight I found about a half dozen more so I will put those away. I also found more binder boxes. Oh dear. I also have binders of teaching notes. I don’t know if I should get rid of them or not. I did get rid of all my diss research notes. I was proud of that. And if you’re ever of a mind, you can read it on my website. It’s all there. But teaching notes . . . a lot of them I haven’t looked at in ages. Mostly because I tend to re-research books when I teach, just like I reread everything when I teach. Can’t help it.

But at this point, chances are I’m not going to be doing much teaching. I may do some part time stuff, but who knows if I’ll be able to pick up any of that work. So do I store all that? Or just let it go. I don’t have a lot of room. I’m moving forward and part of that means to make some choices about what stays in the past. But it’s hard. Part of it is the PhD. Let me start by saying that that time in school was one of the best times of my life. I will never be that smart again and I learned so very much. I stretched my brain in ways that I can’t begin to tell you. I don’t regret it. Even if I don’t “use” it for academic purposes, I don’t regret getting it. At the same time a small piece of my head thinks that it turns out to be a waste, because I’ve given up my academic position–full professor with tenure. It’s kind of a twisted thinking, I know. I need to straighten myself out.

I’ve been getting stuff into my office. Wish I had shelves though. It would help. But at least I have a closet. Whoohoo!


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