I found my promotion and tenure folder and files today. Inside is all the evidence I used for obtaining promotion and tenure.  I didn’t add anything to it after that, really. I don’t have any expectation of ever going back to academia, at least not full time. So do I need any of it?

Tomorrow binders go away. That is that. But I still have to empty notes out. And also photocopies of research I had.

I have a lot of books from academia I’m really going to have to think about. A lot are books on literary theory, Victorian literature, women’s literature, and so on. The books I love to read I will keep for sure. But the rest? I don’t like to know what I’ll do. I don’t have to decide for awhile since I won’t be unpacking books until I get shelves installed, which will be a couple months.

I got really tense today, though. I get antsy with all this clutter and not enough put away. I really need less clutter. I need clean. What’s difficult about cleaning is that so much stuff is unpacked,nothing is really cleaning. So making me bugfuck crazy. And here’s the thing–I’m not a clean freak. I don’t know what’s bringing this on. I need to get outside more.






  • MaryW

    We moved every three years for 21 years with 0 to 3 children. Too many bits and pieces were discarded. Put in a box with updated data from your last academic job. You may be looking for it in 10 years. It is a lot easier than trying to find all the necessary detail.

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