Bleedy bleedy bleedy and appearances

If I was a knight and I was required to swing a sword, I’d probably have no legs. Or arms. Pretty much I’d be the Monty Python Black Knight. Sigh.

Reading Laura Anne Gilman‘s Heart of Briar. It’s pretty damned good, so far. Laura Anne is going to come by the blog and visit soon, once I shoot her some questions. Got any you want to ask? About anything? (We can always ask, right?)

Took a long walk today. I’ve been feeling pretty upset/sad/down all day, no idea why. No idea. It occurred to me as I was walking that I like to worry. And I’m worried now, but no idea about what. No clue. I have to stop and just enjoy life. It’s lovely.

Speaking of which, I’ll be hawking this some more, but I’ll be reading with Laura Anne and Irene Radford in Portland as part of the SFWA Pacific Northwest reading series on August 14. Click the link for information on where and when and how to register. Spread the word!!!

And on August 24th, I’ll be signing books at Escape Fiction Books in Salem, Oregon with Devon Monk. 4 pm is the time! Please come if you can!

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  • Mikaela

    Your life has gone through a lot of upheaval lately, so it is oddn’t that you feel sad. You are simply worrying about the future of your carreer. Even if life in Salem is lovely :).

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