moving right along

I’m never quite sure when it’s accurate to say I lost another pant size. But today I put on a pair of pants I haven’t worn in a long long time. A size down from what I’ve been wearing, and 2 down from when I started this a couple years ago. It’s a little bit tight around the waist, but that’s where I have the hardest time losing and that’s what comes off last. I zipped and buttoned without difficulty, so that counts? A victory for me today.

Finished getting girlie’s desk put together and so she can proceed to stuff it full of junk. Sigh. I try to be realistic. Even though I want her to use it to study and do homework. Boy-of-size discovered that I have two of those pullout wood extensions on either end of my desk and so he’s determined that both kids can work in my office while I am. Sigh. He is missing the point. Totally.

In the meantime, I have essentially cleaned up my bedroom and put everything away. I have to take a couple of things out, and I have to hang stuff on the walls, but mostly it’s pretty well done. I like this.

Tomorrow I think we’ll be going to the coast for a few hours. Then I will have to figure out a good way to wash the dogs. I do not know of a good way in this house. I wonder if I could do it in the kitchen sink?




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