Went to the coast today and walked for a ways with the fam and dogs. It was lovely. But when we got out there we realized that we didn’t think to bring jackets and it was gray with fog and breezy. Lovely really. Anyhow, we got out there and stopped at the local outlet mall and found some fleeces for decently cheap and then we found the beach. It was an easy access and the dogs were so happy. We couldn’t see far down or once we got started, where we’d been. So it was a walk in the fog. It was lovely. The tide was out and the kids ran in the water and basically had a blast. The dogs avoided it, and Voodoo peed on every crab leg he found. I do not know why.

Off the beach, it was a lot warmer. The wind wasn’t as much a factor. We ate lunch and went into a Christmas shop. I ended up buying some Xmas presents. Don’t judge. I also bought some icicle ornaments. I love them on the tree and I tend to pick up a few here and there. I used to love tinsel, but with kids and dogs, there was no chance of that. So I started picking up icicles.

Got home to heat. I took a nap and who knows what the rest of the family did. Voodoo napped with me and that’s all I know.


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