Sweeping some things up

Culling out the old life means cancelling some things and getting rid of some things, including www.twistedink.net . I had to pay for it myself for students to develop an online webzine. The department apparently didn’t feel it was important enough to purchase. But it’s something that I can’t afford to carry, and really it will be outdated before long. So it is going away. I’m not sure when it will fall off the web, but the cancellation has been put into the works. It’s really sad.

I’m branching out a bit to become a writing mentor/coach. I’m working out the rates now, and the idea is that I would work with a writer on creativity, developing skills and style, working through the writing process, learning to finish and revise, and learning the ropes of the professional world. I would tailer the mentorship/coaching to the particular writer, and only take on a few at a time. If you know if anyone who is interested, keep me in mind. Have them shoot me an email at dpf AT dianapfrancis DOT com  I’ll be posting more on it online soon.

Definitely have poison oak, but it’s not severe. Not like I usually get it. I’m trying to keep it that way.

A friend gave me some lovely lemon cucumbers today. Got to figure out the best thing to make out of them.

Today was a frustrating day. A lot of it was spent unknotting some snafus and sorting out what was going on. Which mean time on the phone. On hold. I hate being on hold. It was also quite warm and the temps didn’t fall as soon as usual. But we did open the house up and it’s colling down a bit. Seventy nine in this room right now. Also the dogs are very sore from their run on the beach. I’ve given them something for it and they should feel better soon.

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