Book signing and other updatery

Today the kidlets and I met our friend Joyce at Champoeg State Park. It’s lovely. I wish we’d had bikes with us to take advantage of the trails. We took a good walk and got to make twine out of cedar bark and also made a rose. The woman teaching it is a multi-generation baketweaver and is part native American, though I can’t remember which tribe.

After we did that, we toured through some of the historical areas including a lovely kitchen garden. And then we went to the general store for ice cream. It was a lovely day. The weather was cool. The oak grove was gorgeous.

Tomorrow we go to the state fair. Sadly, the man will have to join us late as he has to work. The company picnic is at the fair, so the company bought us tickets. It will be nice, but he’s going to be exhausted when he get there, not to mention sore. He’s already put in 48 hours this week. I’ll be snitching out in the afternoon to go sign books (info on that below). But the bad thing is that I’ll be all disheveled, dusty, sweaty, and otherwise not in the best of shape after wandering the fair. So I hope it goes okay. And that brings me to:

Tomorrow (Saturday) at 4:00, Devon Monk and I will be signing books at Escape Fiction Books in Salem, Oregon. I hope to see some of you there!

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