The Busy, It Hurts

Well, not really painful. The only major pain is we had to cross some stuff off the fun things to do list, which was sad. Yesterday I took the kids to the state fair while my husband worked OT. He met us up at noon thirty, and we wandered about and rode some rides and then we went to his company picnic. It was at the fair. They’d reserved this oak picnic grove and catered it. Pretty good. They also paid our way into the fair and gave us some ride tix. I then abandoned the man and children and ran to my signing with Devon Monk. It was absolutely wonderful. We did a Q and A session and people were so lovely.

Today we dragged ourselves out of bed and went shopping. We went to an estate sale, where we bought nothing. Then off to the Mac Store to ask questions and come away with a new iPad. Then lunch and Costco, where we bought about 5 things, and got new phones. The phones took FOREVER. We now have new numbers that I have to remember. And tell people about. I’m sure I will forget people. I will try not to. Trouble is, when I want to go in and do a mass text, the phone (Samsung Galaxy 3S) brings a lot of stuff from my gmail. Including email addresses of anybody I may have ever had email from or sent to. Um. WTF? So I haven’t been able to do that.

I have spent many hours goofing on the iPad and trying to figure out the phone. It is very smart. More so than I. Dammit.

I have to find somewhere to cut the kids’ hair. Tomorrow. I also need to do about a billion other things and hopefully I will also get some writing done. That’s the most important thing. We are going to visit family for a few days later this week. So I also have to pack and roust children and dogs.

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