hairy questions

Since moving here, my hair has developed more curl, thanks to having some humidity. My hair is overly long in the front and yet it’s just now getting to be the length where I can put it up. It looks fairly awful, and I’m a wash and wear sort. Here is me with hair.

meI’m trying to decide if I let it grow longer and maybe decide what to do then, or get it cut and stop being  shaggy. Here’s me looking quite goofy. Notice how long the bangs are and often drift down in the eyes. (trust me with your chocolate. Doooo eeeet!) me againObviously, the bangs in the eyes thing could get annoying. At the same time, I don’t really like the kewpie doll look ( was going to put in a picture, but OMG! Those things are freaking scary! Worse than clowns! Why are there no horror movies about them?) But to clarify, kewpie hair is when you put a little pony tail tuft right on top of your head like so: (clearly I have no sense of pride here) kewpieSo what to do? I used to perm my hair, but that means money and also redoing it regularly and I kinda like wash and wear and that sort of thing. I’m not overly concerned with chopping it in a bad cut. Hair grows. But I really need to be able to put it up because I am a heat wimp and getting it off my neck really helps. I think if I get the front cut, I’ll end up with a mullet. And wow, my face is really red. A reason I don’t wear makeup much. The power of my natural blush defeats most foundations. Or I have to slather it on like mortar. What’s the point? I’ll just look merrily drunk.


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