On the Road

We are visiting family. It’s been both wonderful and really hard. The man’s mom has lost most of her memory. I don’t know if it’s Alzheimers or dementia. But she doesn’t know anyone and it’s just damned sad. We visited her and it was so very hard. On the other hand, we’ve been able to see other family and there’s been a horde of corgis. That’s been truly fun. Went swimming today. I hate goggles, but might have to figure out how to wear them comfortably because my eyes are blurry after opening my eyes under water. The pool was a saltwater pool. Anyhow, I hope they unblur soon.

Oh, cut my legs shaving. Yeah. I’m a goof.

The drive her was good and I got some ideas for the WIP. Some of them vanished before I could write them down, dammit. I’ll have to try to recapture.

I am now snuggling corgis.

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  • ChrisP

    I can’t talk to the other subjects, but I recently cut myself shaving, too.

    I changed out the blade on my razor, and at first it was wonderful, but it is the kind with lotion/lubricant on the uphill and downhill sides of the blades. This works out great, except if you keep the razor in the shower. Then, apparently, it is possible for one of the lubrication pieces to soften and come off, thereby causing you to slice off a bit of skin on your inner ankle in a moment of inattention. (I haven’t done this since I used cheap blades in high school, nearly 30 years ago, and then it was mostly the skin on the *outer* ankle.)

    As it turns out, you cannot BELIEVE how many times you (or maybe just “I”) casually kick your inner ankle with the other heel until you have a wound there. (OUCH!) So I learned something, but it was something I didn’t want to know. AAAARGH!

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