I am not at Worldcon

Nor am I at DragonCon. But it appears that Worldcon will be in Spokane in 2015, run by some very good conrunners, and I will be registering shortly for it. It will be called Sasquan (so I will be among my native people of the big-footed variety). It should be a good time.

On the other hand, I’d like to get to Dragoncon one of these days. Maybe next year.

In other news, I’ve been eating enough to feed twenty people while visiting my folks, and I hope I can fit in my clothes when we leave tomorrow. Celebrating boy’s birthday a bit early today and we’ll be going to John’s Incredible Pizza, which is not a lot less frightening than Chuck E. Cheese. We will, however, persevere. After there will be chocolate cake to soothe us all.

Yesterday we went miniature golfing. I won. I had a bunch of hole-in-ones. That never happens. But the course was pretty awful and uncared for. So the experience for the kids wasn’t as good as it should have been. Next time we’ll go to the waterpark instead and ride the slides. Even though they are way way way up in the air and I shall likely die of fear. I still love a good waterslide.

Took the doggies walking this a.m. It was a horde of corgis. Four of them. Someone actually slowed down and rolled the window down and clapped for them. Corgis do that to people.

Now thinking of reading a book. A novel idea, that. Yeah, bad pun. Sorry. I’m bad.

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