Whoooosh! and the day goes by

Got up this morning (a big triumph) and went to Safeway and Costco. Walked through all of Costco and good thing I did because they had some summer sausage in. Compared to the grocery store, it’s cheap as hell and we can slice it for sandwiches. I bought a bunch, since it’s seasonal, and we can freeze it. Oh, also weighed myself. Despite eating a LOT while visiting fam, I don’t seem to have gained anything. Unless my body is waiting to let me know in a few days. Always a possibility.

Came home and labeled my daughter’s school supplies. I’m worried. She’s in 4th grade and they put her in a classroom of 3rd and 4th graders. I really need to talk to the teacher about this. I’m really afraid that she’ll stay at the 3rd level and not get the push to do 4th work. Or that the teacher won’t spend enough time on 4th grade concepts. Really worried. Tonight is an open house and I’m hoping to find out more. I would much rather have her in a 4th grade classroom, especially since this is her first time at this school and class sizes are larger. If she stays in this classroom, I will need to be deeply involved (I would anyway, but in a different way I think).

I should have taken a picture, but in Safeway, my son picked up a package of bacon. I think it might have been precooked, but not sure. On the bottom, it said package contains 9-11 slices. He about died laughing. He wondered if the people packing the bacon got hungry and so ate some of the slices, which accounts for the 9 v. 11 slice packages. He thought maybe they ought to be told to eat before working, or wear gags. I have to admit, thinking about it is pretty damned funny. I mean, if there were people packing the bacon, how would they be able to stop from snitching some? It’s meat candy, after all. Would they have to be Jewish and Muslim? And of course, if you’re a practicing Jew/Muslim, then chances are, you won’t be working in a pork factory. Which brings us back to MEAT CANDY!

yes, these are the things I think about. (and yes, I know packaging varies according to weight, but I much prefer this explanation.)

I have registered for Sasquan, which is the name of Worldcon 2015. I know at least some of those who are planning it and they will do a good job.  I can also drive to it. That’s always a plus. Hopefully I can carpool over and maybe find a roommate.

Tomorrow I have to get the kidlets off to school at wildly varying star times (an hour between). That’s going to suck. But I will hopefully be able to get onto a writing routine and get things done.




  • Douglas C. Meeks

    I use Sam’s Club since they are closer to me and I think they have some mind control device since I NEVER get out of there with a bill less than $100, BUT I do have a case of tomato sauce and 6 quarts of chicken broth to go with the 2 cases of paper towels, case of diced tomatoes and a case of Coke I bought ……….. nope no addiction here. A couple of other things fell into my cart along the way that I know I will need ….. eventually.

    As for bacon I am a connoisseur and only get Pepper Cured bacon from Schwan’s delivered to my house 🙂

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