Primal Scream

I didn’t hear my alarm or my husband calling on the phone this a.m. I think my phone might have been wonky. So I woke up exactly when my son was supposed to be starting school. His first day in a new school. Fuck. So I got him up and we ran out of the house. Got his schedule and locker combo, and sent him to class. He did get the lego robotics class. Happy about that. Anyhow, felt like the worse mom ever. Since girlie had to be at school an hour later (I don’t know why so far between), I got home. She’d got dressed and was eating her breakfast. What a good girlie. We walked to her school and she was completely on time.

I hope boy has a good day. He’s been so nervous. Later today I will go buy a backup alarm clock. This WILL NOT happen again.

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