Bad bad bad bad movies

Spent the morning doing work around the house. Cleaning and doing laundry and unpacking stuff and so on. Then we had a good friend come over for bad Syfy movies. Fun ensued! We watched Swamp Volcano where the science was bad magic and the acting was worse and the writing was Who Nelly!  We were strongly amused and laughed heartily. This was followed by Ragin’ Cajun Redneck Gators. OMG. I can’t begin to describe the goofiness. So bad. So so so bad. And hilarious. The alligators actually had red necks. And spikes on the tails that could shoot. And now . . . Swamp Shark. Oh yay! This is hilarious. So very funny. And what’s even more fun, we found out that the Holter Driller from Swamp volcano crops up in Swamp Shark. The level of silly is almost miraculous. So funny.

I am entirely amused.

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