accomplishing things

It was hot today. Blech. I did get in a walk with the doggies before it got steamy. I got a fair bit of writing in and finished the third chapter on the proposal I’m working on. Now I need to revise and put together the synopsis. Tomorrow. Not looking forward to it. I don’t have enough details on a particular thorny plot line, but hopefully I’ll get it all worked out tomorrow. I rather like a fair bit of what I wrote today. But at the same time, I wonder if it’s total crap. It’s a very odd situation to be in.

Other than that, we took a family picture for the girlie’s project. I printed one to hang up too. Oddly enough, we don’t really have any family shots of all of us together. Usually either me or the man is behind the camera. So I put it in a frame and now there is a family picture. Yay for us! Maybe we’ll do a proper one with all of us looking nice with combed hair. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Ordered my grain mill finally. I want to try making breads from fresh ground flour. I miss baking and I want to get back into it. Hopefully it’s not just a silly lark. I need to figure out where I can unground wheat locally. So far not having a lot of luck.

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