Making home a home

When we moved in here, there were some priorities to get done quickly. We needed to unpack certain rooms for living purposes. Those priorities were the kitchen, the bedrooms, the bathrooms, and the rec room. Mostly those were done quickly, though the rec room was also a storage space. At least we could use it for family stuff. The rest of the house was still full of unpacked stuff waiting upon shelves and getting furniture situated and so forth. Here is more info on the kind of furniture I purchased. LIke I’ve said before, The house looked a lot like I was starting to hoard. Does look like it.

One of the things we hadn’t done was unpack any pictures. Nothing. Walls have been bare. Since the house is painted in neutral colors, very neutral, and because we aren’t going to paint anytime soon, blandness has ruled the day. Today that changed. A little bit anyhow.

I unpacked a bunch of pictures and paintings. Some I haven’t seen since we lived in Muncie, 14 years ago. Yeah, bad. We hung up four pictures in the rec room. This is a bit of a feet because the ceilings are really really high and even a sixteen foot ladder doesn’t get you close to where you want to be unless you’re on the top rung. Still, we managed. It’s amazing what a change some pictures can make. Also hung up some kid pictures in my bedroom and put some stuff away in a curio cabinet that we finally got fixed and put back together. Can’t wait to get more stuff up in the house. And more stuff unpacked and boxes moved out. Still we wait for shelves. It’s going to be awhile yet. Dammit.

We have a ton more to hang up, and the worst part is figuring out where we want them to go. Today’s were fairly easy. For one of them, we needed a huge wall. It’s about a 5 foot by 4 foot painting by a friend. It’s of the Missouri breaks and you should see how it changes when the light moves across it. Gorgeous colors. Wish you could see it. Another friend painted a picture of our dog Dusty, whom we lost six years or so ago. I finally got it framed this year and we hung it with his collar.

Now I have to figure where to hang the rest of the stuff. That is getting tougher and tougher.

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