Tasty books

I just read Delia’s Shadow by Jamie Lee Moyer. It is so freaking good. It’s set in post earthquake/fire San Francisco. There are ghosts and a serial killer and I loved it.

In other news, I’m writing up a storm and trying to sort out life in the house. So the usual.

How are all of you doing? What’s going on in your lives? Read anything fabulous lately? I’m now reading Alifair Burke’s Long Gone. It’s a suspense murder.

Tomorrow is the fall equinox. That’s always a mystical day.

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  • Adrianne

    I’ve had my eye on Delila’s Shadow. You’ve convinced me to buy it.

    My reading this week hasn’t been as enjoyable as I’d hoped. I’ve been reading Galen Beckett’s Mrs. Quent trilogy. He does a lovely job with setting his scenes and bringing his world to life. But his plots are very slow to take shape and he relies heavily on a mysterious man in black to prod the characters into action. And he doesn’t do a great job of bringing the character’s emotions to the reader.

    I’m finally getting my new place clean enough to start moving furniture in. Today I hung bird feeders. It feels good to settle.

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