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I had some great news this week, and that is The Hollow Crown finally reverted back to me. I have another publisher who wishes to reissue and finish the series. We’re working out details now, but hopefully I’ll have an announcement before too long.

Because of that, I begged out of my teaching job. I asked them to find another person to cover if they could–but promised I would not leave them high and dry if they couldn’t. I explained why–more books to write. They were fabulous and found another person quickly. Thank you Jeremy! That’s a lot of stress of my back.

The writing has been rocking this week. I’m working on Trace of Magic, the first of two books set in an alternative Colorado. It’s sensational fun.

Here’s a snippet:

He surveyed the room. “The FBI would have seized everything. I’m a little surprised they haven’t cleaned him out already.”

“Maybe the company was looking for evidence or sensitive documents. They had to know he was being investigated. If he was embezzling, presumably it was through work. Where else could he?”

“The question is, did they find what they were looking for?”

“Actually, the question is, what are we looking for?” I asked.  “And don’t go all Velma on me and say clues. Cause duh. What constitutes a clue?”

“We’ll know it when we see it.”

“Gee, thanks, Velma,” I said. I sat down at the desk. I was looking for whatever hadn’t been found. Josh has always been a straight arrow and not particularly imaginative, but he apparently had another side, which mean I should be looking for good hiding places.


  • Bethany C.

    I read the Path and Horngate books but hadn’t gotten to the Crosspointes yet- does this mean there is going to be a fifth book in the series? Is The Hollow Crown in publication? Sorry, I don’t know about writer-y stuff. If you could indulge me and elaborate when you get a chance I would greatly appreciate it. (Unless it’s a secret, of course.)

    • Di Francis

      Hi Bethany! It does mean there will be five. Each one of them stands alone, in so much as each novel is a complete one about those characters, but the larger event of the book isn’t finished. But it will be!

  • Tine

    Yay. I have waited years for the fifth book in the Crosspoint series. I have reread them a couple of times and once, without intentionally starting out to do so, read them in reverse order. I found different parts of the stories highlighted by doing so, so I kind of am glad that I did that.

    Cannot wait for the fifth book. Will that complete the story arc?

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