Officially official

What happened today:

I am now an Oregon Driver. I had to take the written test. I had test anxiety, I can tell you. But all was well and I achieved a license with a better picture than my last Montana license.

I also got the cars reinsured before my other insurance expired. Tomorrow. I’m so ahead of the game!

I convinced the tax collector to send back a refund that has been languishing.

I completed the first round of working with a client on coaching/mentoring. I think this first round was successful and I believe helpful to her. I hope so. I’m feeling happy about it anyhow.

I took a walk in the freshly washed sun. That was delightful.

I learned things about my family history that was a bit boggling. And no, not going to share it.

I also wrote over 2K words today and am past the halfway point of this book.

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