Ignore away if you want. I won’t be offended.

Right now I’m really offended by the GOP. I don’t have a lot of political leanings. I’m an independent. I have issues with both sides of the aisle, but what bothers me at this point is that the GOP is holding the country hostage right now. It means people are going to not get paychecks. People are not going to have a lot of services. They might go bankrupt; they might lose houses. I get that the GOP does not like Obamacare. But I feel that they ought to work within the system in such a way that doesn’t harm Americans. Apparently the president just signed an order that said soldiers would get paid, but up until today, if a shutdown happened, soldiers (who get paid crap anyhow) wouldn’t be paid.

I just find it disgusting how willing the politicians are to ruin lives. They claim it’s on account of Obamacare being bad for America, but they don’t seem to notice how much worse the damage is that a shutdown and then banging on the debt ceiling would be at this point. I get that there are a lot of problems with Obamacare. I get that it might not be the best implementation of making sure everyone gets affordable healthcare. Nevertheless, using the nation’s welfare as a way to manipulate others into doing what you want is plain wrong.

Over the last few years, I’ve lost a lot of respect for all things Republican. I don’t like the way they go after women, after LGBTs, after unions, after ordinary people. You may disagree and you are entitled to. But I’m just writing this to say I’m angry. Really angry. These politicians are utterly despicable.


  • Adrianne

    Well said! I’m with you on every point. I guess I need to go donate to my Democratic senator who’s looking at a very tough race next year because the Koch brothers have vowed to take him out. Never mind that he’s actually very good.

  • Kbritain

    I was a federal employee during the shutdowns of the 1990s. Because of the current political climate, this one feels much scarier and uncertain. I am now self-employed, but a lot of my friends are federal workers, and they’ve got families, mortgages, and bills just like anyone else. I fear they are less likely to get back pay this time around.

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