Blustery weekend

The remnants of a Typhoon has been hitting this side of the US this weekend, bringing lots of wind and rain. This has meant hiding out inside, snuggling under blankets, drinking hot drinks, and reading. With a little bit of filling a few sandbags and helping a friend put them around to keep water out from under her house. I made chili and baked some rosemary rolls with freshly ground wheat. They are yummy.

The wind is howling. I hear there’s snow in MT. You know what? We’ve had over 2 inches of rain in the last weekend, and I haven’t had to shovel any of it. Nor have I had to scrape windows. I’m okay with it. Actually it sounds like we’re over 3 inches.

Tomorrow back to work on Trace of Magic. I really need to study to take my driver’s test. Forgot to do that this weekend. I really hate having to go do that. I only get test anxiety at the DMV. Explain that.

I wanted to nap. I did not.

Apparently people have been turning on their heat. We haven’t. I mean, it’s not really that cold, is it?

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